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Camera operator, videographer, lighting cameraman or crew. Our company provides a cost effective way to get your business, projects, and any event professionally recorded. It's not just the quality of the video, but it's the content as well. Content and quality must work hand-in-hand. Not only do we get the winning shots, but we're also good at advising our clients on how to improve the content of their video. We can assist the director or work as the director.

We use high-tech equipment and unique techniques to get beautiful picture colors out of professional cameras. PAL or NTSC HD. The cameras can record Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD formats on a card or hard drive, so that the video does not have to be converted and the quality will endure throughout the editing process. We also use wireless mics and lavaliers with full audio spectrum, light kits with portable green screen and different color backdrops, live multi-camera video switcher system, and other industry quality equipment.

Our audio restoration and post production services is based in the NYC area. It includes audio editing, sound design, video editing, and original production music in a style called Hipnotronic. Our NY audio services also include recording for transcriptionists, events, or any project where audio clarity and accuracy is important.

Video and audio are two separate services. We specialize in both so that one service is not better than the other. Loftin Productions presents a more accurate, dynamic, and exciting approach to audio as well as video. If we are working on both of them combined, there's even more realism with great depth and impact so that picture and sound works as one.

As highly skilled professionals, we want our clients to get their message across to their targeted audience more effectively. In doing so, we want to draw your audience in with unique and interesting perspectives. The best way to convey a good concept or story is with creative insight, that brings out what's most attractive in what's being presented. A masterpiece can be created by starting with the most effective raw materials - the right footage and the right sound.

Since 1999 we've been serving numerous businesses and individuals worldwide with complete dedication to quality, as we continue to perfect our advanced time saving methods with the help of the latest technology.

Whether it's for Video Marketing, Documentaries, Hollywood Celebrities, TV Stars, Exclusive Events, Private Parties, Fashion Week, The Red Carpet, You Name It! The end product will reach out and grab the audience and give them something to remember.

Call (917) 825-5412 for the best cameraman, videographer, camera crew, and audio services that New York has to offer.

With A Spark of Imagination, We Can Inspire The World

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