Loftin Productions
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"Hip" as in a Hip-Hop Beat - "no" as in Techno - "tronic" as in Electronic Grooves

Put Them All Together and You Have "Hipnotronic"

How Hipnotronic Works:

* Adds a unique and exciting identity to a production.

* Is flexible, versatile, and conforms exactly to your needs.

* Precisely matches your screen action and drama.

* Enhances and supports your visual imagery.

* Increases the impact of your production.

* Makes your message more memorable.


Nearly all production companies serve up the same old music you commonly hear on TV and in films. Our Hipnotronic makes a difference in how your audience responds, and that means better, more effective music. To put it simply: Hipnotronic produced and edited specifically for your project can do wonders.

Hipnotronic emphasizes the action in a situation and creates a more convincing experience for the audience. No canned music or music score can always do that.

You want to deliver a more effective message, don't you? Using the right music is the key! You have no excuse not to get the right music you need and want.

Why would you want to pass up an opportunity and just settle for ordinary music or buyout library tracks? Because the major disadvantage of good original production music is the cost, right? Not anymore.

I'll give you a special offer that will include writer, musicians, recording, and editing. All at a reasonable low price.

Now how does that sound to you?

You'll get Hipnotronic the way you want it, when you want it, and at a price you can afford.


The Fusion (Experimental)

Turbo (Industrial)

Be with Me (Emotional)

Your Body (Funky)

Big Bang (Abstract)

Euphoria (Hypnotic)

Fantasia (Pop Funky)

The Music (Robotic)

True Love (Classy)

Japanese Funk (Riding)

Entranced (Fashionable)

Jub (Uplifting)

Don Playing Bass (Demo)

Extreme (Catching Up)

Hard to Hold (Speed)

Only U Can Do It (Dance)

Bump It (Sports)

Techo Funk (Searching)

Can't Stop (Old School)

Paradise (Tropical)

Space Race (Futuristic)

Hipnotronic (Fast-Moving)








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Call (917) 825-5412
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